Received a “Notice of Ordinance Violation”?

This paper is a notice that there was some sort of violation of a Town ordinance. At the bottom of the paper is a time limit to get it corrected.

How much will a citation cost me?

The cost of violating a town ordinance can vary and the cost of different offenses are set. The cost of a ordinance violation can increase if more then one reoccurring offense takes place within a reasonable allotted time.

Who can I talk to about this violation?

You can contact the Old Fort Police Department in regards to this notice. – Hold on though!
This is just a notice if you get the issues corrected before the allotted time you have nothing to worry about.

Do I have to keep this notice or what do I do with it?

We recommend keeping it for your records or dispose of it after 7 days of correcting the violation.

Notice Information:

-The Town and Police Department understand that life can be crazy and that we all fall a little behind.
-Extensions can be given case by case, contact needs to be made with the Ordinance Officer or Chief of Police.
-Notices that are given multiple times but corrected can result in a citation. For example, You forget to mow your lawn for a couple weeks resulting in a notice. Once the you receive the notice you mow your lawn. If this happens every two weeks this will result in a citation – DO NOT wait for a notice to correct the issues.